Hiring Software Developer: What Do You Need to Know?

Your team of software developers should include creative professionals who are skilled in developing applications for the web and mobile. If you are hiring a software developer for your team, searching for the right skills is important. Various skills are needed to carry out the role efficiently, and of course, looking for top-notch programming skills is fundamental. It is not always easy to make the right hire, and hiring the wrong software developer can be costly.

Which skills should you look for when hiring a software developer?

The aptitudes needed for software development roles include several specific key skill areas, including technical skills, team-based skills, and soft skills. These are essential skills that you should prioritise when hiring a software developer.

Technical developer skills

The fundamental technical skills needed for your vacancy should include a range of programming languages. Depending on the software developer role you are hiring for, your candidates should show super technical skills in different areas.
Your front-end developer, for instance, might need proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In contrast, your back-end developer will need to be familiar with PHP, Python, MEAN, Ruby on Rails, and Java. And if you are hiring a full-stack developer, you should prioritise candidates with a combination of these programming languages.

Team-based developer skills

Team-based skills are now essential for all developers. The days of the lone developer have now passed. Your team’s success depends on candidates who can communicate effectively and work within a team.
To achieve this, you might look for a developer who can work using an agile methodology. A candidate who can organise themselves and work within cross-functional teams is an added advantage. Searching for a good fit for your company culture is also important, so finding candidates that align with the way your team works is essential.

Soft skills

Looking for nontechnical aptitudes is also important when hiring a software developer. For example, as remote working is on the rise in this field, you might prioritise candidates that are comfortable working from home.

You might also search for a candidate who is;

  • Approachable and supportive 
  • Empathetic and patient
  • Open-minded and willing to adapt 
  • A real problem solver
  • Creative and insightful, and
  • Good at time management 
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3 Things to Avoid When Hiring a Developer

  1. Avoid Poor Onboarding Practices
    Proper onboarding goes a long way in bringing every software developer on the team to the same page. Rather than throwing them into the wild immediately after getting hired, it is best if they get acquainted with the project goals, current challenges, responsibilities, workflows, and work culture.
  2. Avoid Unclear Expectations
    Assumptions should not have any room in your software development team. Avoid curveballs that lead to a lot of clashing ideas between team members. Communicate to your newly hired software developer what the team currently has and how they can complement the abilities of those already working on the team. This way, they can deliver more value, avoid crashes, and result in higher-quality output.
  3. Avoid False Job Descriptions
    Right from the job post, identify the kind of developer you need, the skills they need to have, and the descriptive background of the project. This way, they’ll know right off the bat if they qualify or not, saving everyone’s time.

Nothing is worse than hiring a developer for something that ends up doing another. Unless you clearly outline the job description, you will be primarily at fault for this confusion. Project management will be easier for team leaders if everybody knows what is expected of them and what is not.

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