Leveraging Technology to Enhance Student Experiences

We recently launched an eBook with practical advice on using technology to improve student experience. Enhancing Student Experiences Through Technology: A Strategic Guide shares real examples of what has worked from over 15 years of research and case studies. It goes beyond only showing new tools. It also explores how to understand students today and improve teaching methods.

Here are some key insights you can expect from the book:

  • How to link technology plans back to your institution’s overall mission for better impact
  • Design digital experiences focused on students and learning, not just technology
  • Use data ethically to offer personalised support to each student
  • Make technology fluency part of every aspect of university life

Our philosophy is this: Thoughtfully using technology greatly expands access, engagement, flexibility and personalisation in higher education. We aim to equip leaders to realise this potential. We are also offering our expertise in building student-centric experiences.

We invite you to download the free guide. Let it spark discussion at your institution on enhancing learning innovation! Please also share feedback as you put these ideas into practice.

Let’s keep talking about preparing students for the world of tomorrow. Progress requires working together for purposeful digital integration.